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Field Engineer

National Pipeline Services, LLC (NPS) was founded in 2005 to fulfill a demand for highly qualified, dedicated and honest corrosion and integrity management specialists.  We strive towards professionalism in everything we do, from collecting accurate, repeatable data to producing the finest end products in the Corrosion Industry.  NPS provides engineering consulting services and turn-key solutions to prevent/mitigate external corrosion of pipelines and storage tanks across several industries (Oil and Hazardous Liquids, Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater, and Industrial Chemical).  We work with our clients to comply with federal/state regulations and improve safety and operational integrity by utilizing cathodic protection and coatings engineering/design, construction/inspection, field surveys, and troubleshooting/maintenance.  

The Field Engineer performs construction inspection, field surveys, and troubleshooting/maintenance work for cathodic protection and corrosion prevention systems, recording data and documenting asset condition.  The Field Engineer works with Project Management and Data Processing to provide high quality solutions to clients in compliance with federal/state regulations.  

Essential Duties
Perform Pipeline Surveys in Accordance with Federal Regulations, including: Annual Test Point Survey, Indirect Inspection Survey (Close Interval Potential Survey (CIS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient Survey (DCVG), and Alternating Current Voltage Gradient Survey (ACVG))
Oversee and Assist with Cathodic Protection Construction-Related Projects
Install Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Prevention Systems and Remote Monitoring Units (RMUs)
Lead Field Technicians for Pipe Survey Projects
Perform Cathodic Protection System Troubleshooting
Perform Pipeline Casing Assessments
Measure Soil Resistivity (Wenner 4-Pin, Soil Resistivity Box)
Perform Current Requirement Testing
Locate Electrical Shorts
Perform Stray Current Testing (DC/AC, Static, and Dynamic)
Utilize Pipeline Locators and Pipeline Current Mapping 


Job Requirements

Background: Engineering, Science, or Technology?Be able to obtain AMPP CP Level 1 Tester or CP Level 2 Technician Certification.Be able to obtain an OSHA 30 Certification.Be able to pass client Operator Qualification Programs.Be able to work alone and in groups.Be able to work outdoors in all safe weather conditions, walk over various terrains and up to several miles per day.Hold a valid Driver’s License to drive company vehicles and have an acceptable driving record.Be familiar with Microsoft Office and basic computer applications.Be able to lift 50 pounds and work with hand/power tools.Be able to travel for mobilizations up to 4 weeks, including overtime work.  

Additional Comments

The essential duties and job requirements are examples of the type of work performed by Field Engineers, describing the general nature of the position.  NPS reserves the right to modify the work assignments and/or to make reasonable accommodations so that qualified employees can perform the essential functions. 

NPS is a family-oriented business with flexible work schedule, within reason.  Travel is a necessary requirement, but NPS tries to accommodate most requests for breaks for personal reasons.  We offer matching 401k program, health/dental/vision insurance, quarterly raise considerations, and yearly bonus program.

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